Inequality between humans have undermined the basic respect and dignity of the human person. Sexuality is at the base of the concept of humanity. The key health indicators related to it are alarming. 

The mission of this UNESCO Chair is to promote the development, blossoming, and well-being of individuals, couples and families in the world.

Its principal objectives are protection for youth in the face of violence, the fight against gender inequality, genital mutilations, sexual exploitation, and the fight against sexist or homophobic prejudices. Founded on a positive approach on sexual health, and the promotion of human rights, the Chair contributes to the actualization of the Millennium Development Goals; maternal and child health, adolescent health, health of women and their families, legal equality between men and women and education for all.

The educational mission and policies of the Chair are part of the UNESCO’s priorities as outlined in its mid-term strategies (2008-2013)

• Priority is given to Africa: contributing to development and regional integration through education, science, culture and communication;

• Integration issues related to gender equality;

• Protection and education of youth;

• Targeted actions in least developed countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

The Chair is building an international network of partners who are contributing to sustainable human development in the field of sexuality and human rights, through its activities in:

• University education and training of professionals within the framework of international partnerships;

•Research and intervention through supporting innovative actions in the field of sexual health;

• The development of international development consensus “Think thank”;

• The assignment of a "Human Earth" label that allows the private and public sectors to engage , through a partnership based on respect for the principles of the Sexual Health and Human Rights 

Let's work together for a more humane and sustainable world. Become an actor and participate in the development of the endowment fund "Human Earth ". We welcome you with the highest gratitude.


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