In accordance with the Convention of 7 December 2010 and its addendum dated February 3, 2012, the chair has created a Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee was established May 21, 2014 during the Council of Orientation. Its role is to inform the Executive Committee and the head of the Chair on all scientific aspects relevant to the missions of the Chair.

In this regard, the Committee:

• informs the Orientation Committee and Executive Committee on questions relating to the actions of the Chair;

• enlightens and supports the Orientation Committee and the Executive Committee;

• Implements actions:

            o facilitates links with other university structures and partnerships at national and international levels,

            o improves the scientific and academic recognition of the Chair

            o assist in the development of competency frameworks

• reports to the Orientation Committee on their actions and missions


Chairman and composition of the partnership Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is chaired by an elected member of the Committee from among the members attached to their main activity in a public or private higher education and / or research institution. Pr Laurent Mandelbrot is the Chairman of the Scientific Committee. He was appointed by the President of the University the May 21, 2014.

In case of vancancy in the position of chairman of the Scientific Committee, The Head of the Chair shall be the interim administrator until  a new election is held.

The composition of the Scientific Committee may be modified by the Orientation Committee. However, the mandate any members of the Executive Committee may be terminated at any time at the initiative of the President of the Orientation Committee or the Chairman of the Scientific Committee or the Head of the Chair.

Workings of the scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee shall meet at least once a year and may meet via all means of communication.

For its missions, the following participants may be invited to attend meetings:

• Member of the Executive Committee;

• External experts.

The secretarial duties shall be carried out by the Chair and the University of Paris Diderot - Paris 7.


·         The President of the University Paris Diderot or his representative by Pr Laurent Mandelbrot, Gynécologist, Paris-Diderot  University : Chaireman,

·         Thierry Troussier MD : Public Health Doctor, STIs, sexologist,  the Head of the UNESCO Chair for Sexual Health & Human Rights


Qualified experts:


·      Pr Antoine Bioy, psychologist, psychopathologist clinic, Bourgogne University,

·      Pr Xavier Bioy, Publics Right, Toulouse University

·      Pr Eric Breton, Chair « Health Promotion» EHESP (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique)

·      Pr Pierre Costa, Urologist, sexologist, Montpellier University

·      Pr Liliane Daligand, Psychiatrist, forensic lab., Lyon 1 University

·      Pr Emmanuel Hirsh, Medical Ethics, Paris-Sud 11 University, Director of « Espace éthique » Assistance publique-Hôpitaux - Paris.

·      Pr Azadeh Kian, sociologist, Head of CEDREF, Paris-Diderot University

·      Pr Sophie Matheron, infectiologist, HIV/AIDS,  Paris-Diderot University,

·      Pr Sylvain Missonnier, psychologist,  Paris Descartes University

·      Pr Marie Rose Moro, pedia-psychiatrist, Maison de Solenn, Hôpital Cochin, Paris Descartes University

·     Pr Diane Roman, fundamental rights and public freedom, Director of Credof,  François-Rabelais University, Tours

·    Pr Catherine Tourette-Turgis Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, education and research, Paris Sorbonne University, EHESS Ecole Haute Etudes Sciences Sociales


Foreign professors


·         Pr Tamara Adrian, lawyer,  Andrés Bello Catholic University and Venezuela Central University,

·         Pr Fernandez Marie Iness Conception, psychologist, Sao Paulo University,

·         Pr Sarah Hawkes, Londre, Public Health, STIs, Sexual Rigths, Institute for Global Health, Faculty of Population Health Sciences

·         Pr Cheikh Niang, social anthropologist, Dakar University,

·         Pr Igor Toskine, Public Health, STIs, Medical Statistics and Informatics, First Moscow State Medical University

·         Pr John de Witt, sociologist et HIV, Sydney University,








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